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A Place to Share our emails and Social

This is a space where we share the stories we have received from our customers with their permission as well as our own adventures. If you'd like to share you're adventure email us ( or tag us on Instagram (@driftwoodshaperltd).


Soap for Seawater® has been offered to UK contestants in the TWAC since 2018. This is our way of supporting the UK based teams each year in their "Worlds Toughest Row" accross the Atlantic. Yes we provide our Soap for Seawater® for free as it our gift to them and we ask for nothing in return, yet they provide us with images and content, which we are truely gratefull.

In recent years we had some of the TWAC contestants family members and close friends have purchased Soap for Seawater® for their row as their gift to them. The really like the moulded "fish hook" and the thought that with each wash they are receiving their thoughts of a safe journey on the sea. In the Maori culture the hei matau shape aka "fish hook" signifies a deep connection with the sea, abundance and plenty, strength, determination and for catching good luck and energy. All the things a person rowing the Atlantic in the worlds toughest row, needs every day. 


If you are a UK based team in the TWAC then get in contact, provide us with your shipping address and we will ship our Soap for Seawater® to you and follow you on social media.

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