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During our travels collecting our driftwood “Y’s” we've ended up in situations where there has been only fresh water for drinking with an abundance of seawater. After days it has been necessary to wash in salt water for personal hygiene. Having tried many soaps it was not a great experience.

During one of our team's most recent trips they needed to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and so they decided to ditch the liquid soap in plastic bottles and used traditional bars of soap instead. While we were definitely less smelly than we were before the wash, the soap wouldn't lather and a residue was left on our skin.

This experience sparked the search for bars of soap that would lather and rinse off in seawater. When our search came up empty. We decided to embark on our soap making adventure.


We know we are not alone in the way we travel!

Making the soap has become more than providing a bar of soap that works in sea water. We wanted to provide a high quality product that meets our ideals and one that we want to use everyday not just when we're off on our travels.
The soap is handmade from 7 ingredients. Unlike many industrial soap makers we do not add any chemicals to remove the glycerin from the soap. Glycerin is a natural by product of making soap and is known for its moisturising properties. Because we keep in the glycerin the soap has more moisturising properties and less chemicals!

Bar of Soap for Seawater at the beach for a refreshing body wash in seawater Driftwood Shaper Ltd

Soap for Seawater® has been registered under No. UK00003832605 and entered on the register on 23rd December 2022.

Representation of Mark : Soap for Seawater

The mark has been registered in respect of: Class 3: Soap; Soaps; Cosmetic soaps; Cosmetic soap; Bath soap; Hand soaps; Bar soap; Toilet soap; Facial soaps; Skin soap; Handmade soap; Hand soap; Soap products; Bath soaps; Body soap; Beauty soap; Toilet soaps; Bars of soap; Soaps for personal use; Non-medicated toilet soaps; Soaps for household use; Soaps for body care; Soaps for toilet purposes.
In the name of Driftwood Shaper Ltd    Company number 10980514

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