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If you'd be interested in placing a large order, drop us an email ( we're happy to help.

Shipping cost are at the bottom of the page. It's free for UK customers!


All Shipping to the UK in free. 

All pendants have free world wide shipping. 

For soap purchases shipping to any none UK country is split into 4 categories; Europe, World 1, World 2 & World according to Royal Mail shipping zones. The costs below are based on Royal Mail "Internation Standard" prices for these zones, with the amount it would cost to ship the same quantity in the UK 2nd class deducted. Final costs are outlined in the table below with and indication of the areas/countries included.  

*Our shipping prices online are formulated on the assumption of small quantities - 3 boxes or less. If you wish to purchase 4 or more boxes please contact us (or your shipping cost maybe very high)!

Worldwide Shipping pricing for 4 bars of Soap for Seawater
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