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Soap for Seawater - WONKY

Soap for Seawater - WONKY


As a small scale soap manufacturer using the cold process and individual moulds, we do get some moulding defects and a partial mould fill with every batch we make and after curing and storage, other cosmetic defects can sometimes appear. If we drop a bar in handling and it gets damaged we generate another bar of wonky soap. As our customers consume our batches, these wonky bars of Soap for Seawater are not selected for packing and shipping.  


We take wonky bars on our travels and often give them away to people we meet who are curious about washing in seawater.  After a couple of full body washes with a wonky bar of Soap for Seawater in sea water there can be no distinction, it still offers the full benefits. We still have a small supply of wonky Soap for Seawater available at half the price. 


Wonky Soap for Seawater is shipped as a minimum of 500 grams (typically 4 to 6 bars) in a medium weight recyclable envelope.  


    If you are not happy or you have any problems please contact us via email or Instagram and we'll get back to you with the next steps.

    If the envelope has been opened you may not be able to return the item to us, but we can still help you out, just get in touch.

  • Postage and Packaging/Shipping info

    We ship internationally! Free shipping to the UK and discounted (the price minus the cost of UK postage) shipping worldwide!

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