Soap for Seawater (Single Bar)

Soap for Seawater (Single Bar)


This soap is specifically designed to lather and leave no residue in seawater. Although it is formulated with the ocean in mind, it does work in fresh or tap water too (where it works well as a shaving bar!).


Handmade in the UK from 7 ingredients using the cold process. Sodium and potassium hydroxide, water, coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil and beef fat (tallow). The glycerin content is 10%, which is great for your skin and helps retain the moisture in your skin.


Each hand moulded bar has an estimated weight of 120 grams. Length ~ 103 mm, width ~ 56 mm and depth ~ 21 mm. A flatter bar soap shape was created so we could ship a single bar within the large letter dimensions of the Royal Mail.


Packaged in a recyclable cardboard envelope with no plastic packaging and the price includes shipping within the United Kingdom.


Testimonial:   “…The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge isn’t called the world’s toughest row for no reason. It is hugely physically demanding and taking a wash was a key part of our recovery and rest each day. The Driftwood Shaper soap for seawater was great, because it was very easy to use and saved us from using precious fresh water whilst still enjoying a full lather as if in a home shower. That refreshing wash became a big part of our daily regime and something we looked forward to…”

The Ocean5, world record holders for the fastest ever 5 man crossing.

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