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Barbs Haircut Pendant

Barbs Haircut Pendant


This pendant is hand shaped from a driftwood branch fork or "Y" found on the shores of west side of Barbuda Island located in the eastern Caribbean.


Arriving early in the dawn light to what looked like a giant haircut for the entire island following hurricane Irma. No vegitation over 12 feet high was visible, but on land there was signs of life as we walked to explore. We were overwhelmed with driftwood but only a few made through selection. For me this has rugged beauty with a properties that enable great shaping and holds a polish well. 

This pendant is part of a pairing with the other pair sku being CARIBBARBUDA220_2


If you need more information about the location where this branch fork was collected from then just get in contact. It was hand shaped in England from and the driftwood branch fork was collected with minimal disruption to the environment, leaving behind as much as possible of the remaining branch.


Designed to be worn around the neck and comes with a black 1mm waxed cotton cord. You don’t need to take it off for showering, having a bath and swimming in lakes, rivers, the sea or an ocean if you don’t want to. You just don’t known when you will need it to anchor your experiences for release later.


It is sent to you in cardboard packaging in a simple wool pouch hand made by us. Our packaging is easily recyclable and minimal, so just for the journey to you and no more.


This hei matau pendant is approximately 56 mm high and 36 mm wide and its widest point.


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