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I'd like to explain the reasoning behind our packaging. The non existence of plastic in our packaging is a key concept for us. As a result all of our products (Soap for Seawater and Driftwood Pendants) are packaged in cardboard boxes and sealed with a brown paper tape. The use of cardboard came about because we wanted to remove plastic packaging from the soap, and this philosophy filtered into the packaging for our pendants.

The pendant packaging follows exactly the same principles as the soap - no plastic. So we decided to use a cardboard box of the same design but a different size. But we felt that the pendant posted on its own in the box wasn't sufficient and we wanted something to stop the rattle. So after finding inspiration from a felt phone pouch, we decided that we should make our own pouches. Our pouches are made out of a bright blue wool blanket we brought from a local charity shop and they fit snugly inside the box.

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