Driftwood Shaper came about after a sailing trip across the Atlantic and it is a culmination of pursuing dreams and producing products we truly believe cannot be brought anywhere else! We're a small company whose products are all made by us in the UK! 

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Reducing Water Use Whilst Sailing

If you're out sailing without infinite funds here's a way the Langouste crew reduced their fresh water consumption on board which ultimately also saved them money... Whilst currently in the Caribbean the Langouste crew have managed to significantly reduce there fresh water use on board. Showering in fresh water has got to be one of if not the biggest use of fresh water on a yacht, so this was the obvious one to tackle. While not showering or showering not as often would significantly reduce your fresh water use, it's not the most pleasant of options especially when your whole crew is sweating in the heat. It gets pretty smelly if you have never tried! The next obvious answer to us was using

Shaving with Soap?

Once we had created the soap we discovered it had a very similar consistency and lathering ability to a shaving soap at home. Due to packing restrictions the shaving soap didn't make it on the sailing trip to the Caribbean. But once there someone fancied a shave and this what happened. So using the Soap for Seawater (instead of shaving soap) a razor and a shaving brush the shave went ahead as usual. The shave was done in freshwater. The brush helped create a really good lather from the soap with a few swirls on the top of the soap. No different to a shaving soap. It should be mentioned that although the soap lathers on its own and just with contact to the skin. If you are a big fan of soap l

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