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Reducing Water Use Whilst Sailing

If you're out sailing without infinite funds here's a way the Langouste crew reduced their fresh water consumption on board which ultimately also saved them money...

Whilst currently in the Caribbean the Langouste crew have managed to significantly reduce there fresh water use on board.

Showering in fresh water has got to be one of if not the biggest use of fresh water on a yacht, so this was the obvious one to tackle. While not showering or showering not as often would significantly reduce your fresh water use, it's not the most pleasant of options especially when your whole crew is sweating in the heat. It gets pretty smelly if you have never tried!

The next obvious answer to us was using seawater to bath in order to remove the sweat and the smell! So they crew have been washing in seawater and using the Soap for Seawater. With a crew of 3 and 3 and a half weeks in they are on there 2nd bar of soap. Their fresh water consumption is down from 900L in one week down to 200L in 2 weeks.

This has one pretty nice implication, they don't have to go into marina's and fill up with fresh water as often, saving them money (as the cost of the soap is cheaper than all of this). Happy Days!

This is a receipt for filling up 3/4 tanks on the boat with fresh water, something which they now have to do less often :)

The other bonus is by using the Soap for Seawater it's plastic free, and if you get rid of the cardboard packaging before you set sail - please recycle, you will have a way to wash (hands, hair, bodies and even shave) with not waste created.

Happy sailing from the Driftwood Shaper Team :)

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