Driftwood Shaper came about after a sailing trip across the Atlantic and it is a culmination of pursuing dreams and producing products we truly believe cannot be brought anywhere else! We're a small company whose products are all made by us in the UK! 

If you'd like to find out more about what we do and our adventures we get up to have a look at our Blog below.

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It Works!

An essential element to the creating of the Soap for Seawater has been sea trials. Our first trials were conducted about 6 months ago in France. These gave us the feedback that we needed - essentially that our product worked how we wanted it to a major milestone. Another milestone happened recently. Our soap has come on an adventure, a trip sailing around the Caribbean and the lucky crew including one of the team has got to use the soap in a way we could only dream about nearly a year ago, seawater showers off the back of the boat. They have sent us some pictures too show us how they got on. Day 1 and 2: The crew were pretty curious to see 'if it worked' and they were pleasantly impressed

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