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Shaving with Soap?

Once we had created the soap we discovered it had a very similar consistency and lathering ability to a shaving soap at home. Due to packing restrictions the shaving soap didn't make it on the sailing trip to the Caribbean. But once there someone fancied a shave and this what happened.

So using the Soap for Seawater (instead of shaving soap) a razor and a shaving brush the shave went ahead as usual. The shave was done in freshwater.

The (tad blurry) Shaving Set-Up

The brush helped create a really good lather from the soap with a few swirls on the top of the soap. No different to a shaving soap. It should be mentioned that although the soap lathers on its own and just with contact to the skin. If you are a big fan of soap lather you get great results with a puff or cleansing/exfoliating pad.

The rest commenced as usual and it produced a nice clean cut shave. Some of the comments afterwards were that "it made a great shave" and "the face felt nicely moisturised afterwards".

So if you're short for space and need a soap for multi uses the Soap for Seawater does the trick - with a "great shave" in freshwater.

(Working on getting a video added of the shave for you!)

The Driftwood Shaper Team!

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