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Diminishing Soap

How long does the soap for seawater last, was a question asked, that needed some testing to get a result. The photo shows a new bar with two others, one mid life in the middle and smaller one what I would at risk from going overboard.

The middle bar has been used for eight full body washes in seawater. The grip rail is still able to be used and the hei matau shape is still present. This includes some controversial hair washes as part of the body wash. I called it "soapgate"as depending on your hair type you can have a poor hair day. To recover just use the soap on your hair with fresh water.

The smallest bar has delivered 15 full body washes in seawater including some hair washes. I can be still be used for body washes but it will easily find its way overboard. The small bar was transferred to the sink with the seawater foot pump for day to day hand washing. This extended the life of the

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