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We make bars of Soap for Seawater® for people washing their body in just seawater. Perfect for any near / on the sea or ocean adventure, our bars of soap are formulated to lather and rinse off well using just seawater, without leaving you salty if you just have sea or ocean water. A plastic free solution for washing with just seawater.

Single Bar of Soap for Seawater 120grams
Soap for Seawater 4 bars  Giants Causewa

The questions we always get asked are: How do you use it and why?

Bar soap is rubbed on your body wet with seawater, to create a lather to remove the dirt / bacteria on your skin and then when finished washing, rinse off in seawater.  

Single Bar of Soap for Seawater surf rowing workout

Imagine that you have been walking a coastal path all day and come the late afternoon you decide to stop for the day. You want to feel fresh and clean and there is no stream or beach showers there and all you have is seawater. A dip in the sea will not clean you and you will have that salty feeling.

Lathered up with Soap for Seawater Driftwood Shaper Ltd Soap for Seawater

How to use it? A dip in the sea starts the process and then start rubbing the bar of Soap for Seawater® on your wet body to create a great cleaning lather to remove the dirt/bacteria of the day.  When you have finish washing and you are covered in soap lather, just dip back into the seawater to rinse off the lather and dry off. If you dry without a towel (sun dry) you will not get that salty feeling. Do let your bar of Soap for Seawater® dry between washes.

Single Bar of Soap for Seawater Mahagony sailing yacht

The Why? People washing with just seawater have used liquid soap in a plastic container, because liquid soap does create a slight lather in seawater. Most of us have experienced hard water to wash in, you are very likely to use liquid soap because common bar soap does not create a great lather, instead it creates a scum that sticks to your skin and can clog up your pores and cause irritation. Not a great experience and hygienically a very poor outcome. Seawater is approximately ten times harder that hard water.

The dip before the wash  with Soap for Seawater    Driftwood Shaper Ltd  www.driftwoodshap

The most common customer theme is that they have very limited fresh water for washing their body and an abundance of seawater with very few people around them. We have sailors and rowers who cross oceans. Coastal walkers on multi day walks. People who are camping or bike camping, in remote coastal locations. Diving groups that are overnighting at sea, passengers/crew having a passage on the old square rigged sailing ships. Boat owners who have a mooring and want to clean up themselves after working on their boat. Cold seawater swimmers who want to wash as well. Group holidays and they want the shared experience of washing in a warm sea and sun drying together. Aid workers at coastal locations where the fresh water infrastructure is being repaired.


New Zealand driftwood Hei Matau pendant collection Driftwood Shaper Ltd

A truly unique and one of a kind piece of wearable art designed to accompany you through your travels, adventures and everyday life. The closest you get to two being the same is when the driftwood Y"branch fork permits two pendants, one from each section half.

Caribbean driftwood Hei Matau pendant collection Driftwood Shaper Ltd

You will be the second person to have ever touched your pendant. That is from collecting the driftwood branch fork, sectioning it after it has dried out for a year, initial rough cutout, coarse then fine shaping, sanding and finally polishing. The shaper even does the handling for photography, packing and shipping to you.

The design originates from the artists interpretation of a fish hook or hei matau pendant adapted to bring out the beuaty of the timber and its strength and toughness. Only the best and most interesting pieces of driftwood make the cut.

They're made for living in - spot it in the video below!


All pictures below have been taken by Darcie C Photography

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